Narke strigaskór bleikur

Verð kr 10,900

A light sneaker perfect for spring or a chillier summer day, that works on every occasion. Made in partly recycled materials. Machine washable.   

Närke is made in partly recycled textile/nylon with extra toe coverage. The fit is carefully tested and the model fits perfectly on most feet. The wide opening makes them easy to take on/off and the front hook and loops is easily adjusted. Inner textile lined and reinforced both in front and in back to protect the foot. Removable and shock absorbing insole. The outsole is made of lightweight EVA with a bottom in natural rubber for an excellent grip and abrasion

Stærðartafla. Skórinn skal vera 1-1,5 cm stærri en fóturinn þegar hann er tekinn í notkun.